How To Shutdown, Restart Sign Out, Switch User Or Lock Screen In Windows 8

The Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows had the same hirarchy of power options. All the power buttons were located in the same menu. But this is not the case with Windows 8. Windows 8 makes it harder to shutdown and restart although it will seem easy when we are running Windows 8 on a touch device.

The different power options have been dispersed into different menus. Let’s first see how to shutdown or restart Windows 8 using different options. Now the power options in Windows 8 come under the Charms bar settings screen. To shutdown the computer in Windows 8, simply go to the Charms bar (Windows 8 shortcut: Win+C) and select Settings. You will be able to shutdown or restart the computer from the power menu in the settings. If you have hibernation enabled, you will be able to hibernate and sleep from the same menu.

Shutdown or restart Windows 8

If you want to lock your PC running Windows 8, you can use the same old keyboard shortcut Win+L. This shortcut is also used in Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows.

The Sign out (Log Off), Switch User and lock screen have been bundled together on one screen. If you press Ctrl + Alt + Del, you will be taken to the menu screen where you can select an appropriate option to the respective action.

Windows 8 sign out, lock screen, switch user options

I hope this information will be useful for you. If you have any other ways to shutdown, restart, hibernate, sleep, sign out, switch user and lock screen, kindly let us know through comments below.