How To Run Metro Apps in Split Screen in Windows 8

Windows 8 Consumer Preview has a great built-in feature called Split Screen that enables you to split the screen into two sections, one larger and another smaller. In either of the section you can have Metro App or Desktop e.g. you can work on Desktop while viewing the Metro App in the small screen. This trick is helpful for those people who want their mail or messenger to always be opened on the screen. Because of this trick, your Desktop screen will become smaller and any app will not overlap with other apps. For this trick to work you must have a screen resolution of 1336 pixels or more.

Let’s see how split screen is enabled for a Metro app in Windows 8.

  1. You need to open the Metro Start Screen and open your app e.g the Finance App.
  2. Left click on the App and hold your mouse button. You will see the app appears in a small window.
  3. Drag the app in the small window on either end of the screen horizontally.
  4. Open the Metro Screen again and click Desktop.
  5. You will now see the Finance App and Desktop simultaneously showing on the screen.

Now if you want to show the Metro App in the larger screen take your mouse to the green column that separates the Metro App with your Desktop, you will see a change of cursor. Left click on it and drag it to the center of the screen and you will see the Metro App appearing on the larger screen and all desktop windows opening in the smaller screen.

To  show the Metro App on full screen left click and hold the green separating column and drag it to the left if it is showing in the right section of the screen and to the right if it is showing in the left section of the screen. You can also drag the Metro App from right to left and left to right.  To do so left click and hold on the Metro App and drag it to either end of the screen.

Here’s a very helpful video which shows the process of split screen in Windows 8:


Unfortunately this trick works for only one App. May be Microsoft adds this feature in the next release of Windows 8.