How To Remove Olympics Related Malware Olympic.Games

The hackers and malware writers seem to never sleep. They are always up and running in big events like the latest London Olympics 2012. There is always a host of digital attacks on computers during these events especially because people can be lured into accepting malware related files easily.

Same is the case with London Olympics 2012, a new form of malware has risen which can affect Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 computers. Windows 7 and Windows 8 users will remain somewhat safe because of the enhanced security measures that these Operating Systems offer.

Bitdefender olympic malware tool

The campaign of the new Olympics related malware starts with email spamming. You’ll probably get an email which can lure you to open an zip or MS Word or PDF document attached with the email. The attachment will be name related to London Olympics tickets. These attachments come with exploits CVE-2010-2883 and CVE-2010-3333 which will crash Adobe Reader and similarly Microsoft Word.

Once the attachments are executed, the malware will try to get you into identity theft by getting your ID card, passport, credit card into etc. There are many scams like this which are very similar in execution. Please stay away from these scams and malware.

If you think you are infected, then you can download and run the following Olympics related malware removal tool:

Olympic malware removal tool from BitDefender