How To Make Windows 10 Boot Faster

What is booting?

When we turn on our computer or smartphone the machine loads the necessary files stored in ROM to start the machine. While this is happening it checks that the hardware and software of the system is working fine. These booting files in case of a windows pc would be the files you installed while installing after loading this files form ROM system starts running and your computer starts.

Slow booting

Now there are various reasons why your windows might take some time to boot the computer. In this article we will try to cover some solutions that can help your windows 10 boot faster.

Visual effects

Some of the visual effects that appear when you boot your pc might be a reason for slow booting of your system, now in order to fix this, search for advance system settings and open it.

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Now a dialogue box will appear, in the dialogue box go to the setting of performance.

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Now there are multiple options you can select as you like but if you are confused then you should chose “adjust for best performance” so that the system can handle it for the best performance and then apply these changes.

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Boot settings

Now this is the most helpful solution that helps your computer  boot faster. In order to make changes to  boot settings go to search and type system configuration and click it

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A dialogue box opens, from these settings click on boot.After going into the boot menu click on advanced options.

How To Make Windows 10 Boot Faster 1

Now in boot advanced settings select the number of processors and click the maximum number that appears in your system as it varies for different computers. And also select the box of maximum memory.

How To Make Windows 10 Boot Faster 2

After doing this click OK and apply, now after clicking OK in the previous dialogue box select “make all boot settings permanent” option. And now these changes are made permanent.

How To Make Windows 10 Boot Faster 3

Startup settings

Now remaining in the system configuration settings go to the startup option and click on open task manager.

How To Make Windows 10 Boot Faster 4

Here you will find some applications that start up whenever you boot your computer, now here right click and disable all apps except those whose publishers are “Microsoft corporation” as these files are necessary to startup when you pc boots.

How To Make Windows 10 Boot Faster 5

So there you go! These are some hacks that will let your windows 10 boot faster.

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