How to Make Google Chrome Use Less Memory

Google Chrome is fast but uses more memory after a prolonged browsing session. Why the chrome uses so much memory?

Every tab you open uses the same memory as you have opened a new window. If you open the task manager you can see how many instances of Google Chrome are open and how much memory each of them is utilizing. Any web page you open uses a lot more memory. Even when you open Google which is very light weight, it takes about 20 MB memory.

Here are some methods by which you can decrease memory usage of Google Chrome.

Add Purge memory button in Chrome Task Manager

This technique is not only applicable to dev channel builds but also to stable releases. I have checked it for Google Chrome stable release 17.0.963.79 m.

Through this method you can only free up memory to a little extent. While using this technique I noticed a 10 MB free up of memory. You need to open up the Chrome properties page and in the ‘Target’ field box, you need to add –purge-memory-button after the line

“C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”

Google Chrome Properties

Now when you run Chrome, you can open the task manager with Settings >Tools> Task Manager or Shift+Esc. Now you will see the Purge Memory button.

Google Chrome task manager

Avoid using extensions

The Google chrome extensions make some much needed functionality available in the browser interface . Youtube video extensions, Google+ extension, Gmail extensions although make these services available with one click. But use so much memory that if you have less memory installed in your system you will see significant decrease in PC performance.

If you open the task manager you can see every extension use memory starting above 15 MB.

You have the option to remove the extension. To remove any extension open settings > Extension. Click on Remove to remove the extension.