WDP Universal Language Installer: Install Windows 8 Language Packs

I have already given the download links for the unofficial Windows 8 Consumer Preview language packs. You can download the win8lang files from my previous article. Now the question arises that how to install these win8lang files. There is one thing that should be clear that there is a difference between the Windows 8 language pack and Windows 8 language interface pack. The Windows 8 language pack has more translations of the dialogs and help files than Windows 8 language interface pack. Windows 8 language pack can probably be installed only on Windows 8 Ultimate and Windows 8 Enterprise editions. This is not for sure because Microsoft has not yet released Windows 8 SKUs.

Let’s go through the installation process of each type of language pack separately.

Install Windows 8 Language Packs

  1. First you will need to download Windows 8 language pack of your choice.
  2. Download WDP Universal Language Installer from below:
  3. [download id=”14″]
  4. Click on the “Open *.win8lang and install it” button and select the language pack you have downloaded.
    My WDP Universal Language Installer
  5. This will install the language pack in your Windows 8.

Install Windows 8 Language Interface Packs

  1. ¬†Go to the Search dialog (WinKey + Q) and search for “language”
  2. Click on the Settings and select Add language
    Install new language in Windows 8
  3. Another window will open where you can add the languages of your choice. You can select multiple languages and then switch to any language of your choice.
    Windows 8 language packs

If you are using Windows 7, you may be interested in Vistalizator for Windows 7 SP1 to install language packs in Windows 7.

Update: We have added another 2 ways to install language packs in Windows 8.

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    • Nice question Hamayon. The software WDP Universal Language Installer will always be in English language. So you can download the language pack and put it in WDP Universal Language Installer. The language will be changed to English.


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