How To Enable Right Click and Copying On Any Webpage

Recently a client asked me that he had to copy a lot of data from a website but the website would not let him right click or even select the text and copy it. He said that this was a weired problem and was only one website was affected by this problem. Upon some research and analysis I came to know that the website was using a script (JavaScript) to disable the right click menu and preventing copying of text and images from the web page.

This JavaScript trick is usually used to prevent people from copying data from a webpage but it can be misguiding and frustrates people. If anyone is using this trick, he may well be losing loyal visitors and even customers. Anyways the solution to this problem is quite simple. Let’s do it for all three browsers.

Disable JavaScript in Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools –> Internet Options –> Security –> Custom level –> Scripting –> Active Scripting –> Disable

Disable scripting in Internet Explorer

Disable JavaScript in Firefox

If you are using Firefox, you can easily disable JavaScript in Firefox by opening Firefox and going to Firefox menu –> Options –> Content and un-check the checkbox “Enable JavaScript”.

Disable JavaScript in Firefox

Disable JavaScript in Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome and want to enable right click and copying on a webpage, you can go to Tools menu –> Options –> Under the Bonnet –> Content settings –> “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript”.

Disable JavaScript in Chrome

You can disable JavaScript for one site and then re-enable it for others. In this way your browsing experience will not be disturbed and you will be able to copy all the protected content of the website of your choice.