How To Create Sparklines Or Mini-Graphs In Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010 includes a very useful feature that many people don’t know about. In Excel 2010, you can create sparklines. Sparkline is a type of information graph of a single row which can fit into a single cell.

The sparklines feature can be accessed from Excel 2010 ribbon in Insert tab. There is a separate group for sparklines on the ribbon.

excel 2010 ribbon sparklines

To insert a sparkline, select the cell in which you want to show the sparkline, go to Insert –> Sparklines group and select the type of graph you want to show. There are three types of graphs available:

  • Line
  • Column
  • Win/Loss

You can select any type to insert the sparkline. A dialogbox will appear asking you for the range for which you want the sparkline. You will need to select the row for which you want to make the mini-graph.

create sparklines

That’s it. Pressing OK will display the one cell mini-graph which can be very useful to analyze the data quickly.


You can also customize the sparklines that you have created. Just click on the cell in which the sparkline has been created. A new Design tab will appear on the ribbon. Click Design and customize the look and feel of the sparkline.

sparklines tools design tab

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