How To Create Keyboard Shortcuts Of Metro Apps On Windows 8 Desktop

In Windows 8, the new Metro interface has been introduced which is great for using Windows 8 on tablets and smartphones. Not all the software are enabled for using the Metro interface. Microsoft provides some default Metro enabled apps like Mail, Messaging, Internet Explorer, Maps etc. The only problem with Metro apps is that since they are optimized to be used on tablets, it’s not always ideal for people who are used to using keyboard shortcuts to use Metro apps freely since the apps can only be opened through the Start screen using the Metro interface. Microsoft does not provide any way to create shortcuts of the Metro apps on the desktop for easy access.

MetroApp Link is a nifty portable software which has been created for the sole purpose of creating desktop shortcuts of the Windows 8 Metro apps. Right now, it only supports the default Microsoft Metro apps. If you have installed any third party Metro app, you’ll not be able to create Desktop shortcuts of that app through MetroApp Link.

MetroApp Link

Using MetroApp Link is quite easy. You only have to download it and run the app. It will list down all the installed Metro apps installed by Microsoft. You can click on the Create shortcut button with any of the Metro app icons and the shortcut will be created immediately on the Desktop.

MetroApp shortcut

The only problem with MetroApp Link is that it has fixed width and height. As a result, some of the apps will get hidden. After you have created the shortcut, you can always click on the Desktop shortcut in order to open the Metro app. If you want to create a keyboard shortcut, just right click on the shortcut and select Properties. Create a shortcut key under Shortcut tab.

Download MetroApp Link (Direct download link)

Do you like the Metro apps of Windows 8? What is your experience about opening the apps? Which way do you use to open the apps on your computer?