How to Change Display/Screen Name In Windows Live Messenger 2011

The ability to change the display or screen name in Windows Live Messenger 2011 has been disabled. Now only the real name is displayed as the display name. In the previous version, one could change the display name regardless of what the real name was.

Previously users could add smileys and emotions in their display names but now this feature has also been disabled. Let me tell you how you can change your real name in Windows live and set it as your display name which everyone can see.

You will need to login to your Windows Live Messenger 2011. When logged in, click on your name on the top right corner of the Windows Live Messenger 2011 window. A drop down menu will appear. You need to select Edit your name from the drop down menu.

change display name in wlm 2011

You will be taken to a Windows Live login page and if you are already signed into your Windows Live account, it’ll take you to the Edit name page where there are two fields, first name and last name. Both are mandatory and you’ll need to fill in both of them. If you want only your first name to appear, you can fill the last name field with a dot or some other punctuation mark.

change display name in wlm 2011 profile change

You can also change who can see your name in Windows Live network. Just click on the link Change who can see your name and select one of the following options.

change privacy options in windows live

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