How To Backup Windows 7 Themes

We have been covering the best Windows 7 themes since the beginning. I love Windows 7 themes and install a lot of Windows 7 themes. I have already written about deleting and uninstalling Windows 7 themes. Today I want to list down the steps to backup all the themes in Windows 7.

Backing up Windows 7 themes is very easy. You only have to go to the Themes folder and backup the whole folder. Let’s get through the process step by step.

Go to the following folder:

(Replace <username> with the username of the user with which you have logged into Windows 7)

Windows 7 themes backup folder

In this folder you will find another folder named Themes. This folder contains all the themes that were installed in Windows. You can copy the whole folder to backup all the themes. Or if you want to backup only specific themes, you can open the Themes folder and copy only the theme folders you want to backup. All the themes have folders by theme names so you can easily identify which folder contains which theme.

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