How To Activate Windows 7 Offline

Activating Windows 7 is always a headache if you have to activate it multiple times because Microsoft imposes a restriction on Windows 7 activation that it can be activated only once. If you want to re-install Windows 7, you’ll need to activate Windows 7 again which is a really tedious task because you’ll have to call Microsoft support in order to make them believe that you’re the owner of that Windows 7 copy and have the right to re-activate Windows again.

Windows 7, fortunately, saves all the activation information locally in the PC making it easier for us to be able to backup the activation information and restore it whenever we wish to. The only restriction is that the backed up activation information will only work on the same PC when restored.

7tokens manager

7Tokens Manager is a new tool developed by MDL forum developer which makes it very easy to backup and then restore the Windows 7 activation information. Some core features of 7Tokens Manager include:

  • Backup’s Retail, MAK, OEM:SLP / NONSLP license channels
  • Backup Certificate, Serial, Tokens
  • Backup license files
  • Dynamic interface
  • Very lightweight and fast
  • Programmed with security features
  • >5min is estimated to restore your activation

7Tokens Manager is a portable utility and is very easy to use. When executed, it will give you only three options:

  • Backup Tokens
  • Backup Serial
  • Backup Certificate

The options are self explanatory. You can backup the tokens, the serial no. and the certificate in Windows 7 by checking appropriate options and then clicking on Backup button. One thing you should take care is that you should unzip the 7Tokens Manager utility to a separate folder because when you backup the Windows activation, 7Tokens Manager will not let you choose the backup folder. It will automatically create the backup folder in the same folder where 7Tokens Manager is placed.

Download 7Tokens Manager