History Vault – New Feature In Windows 8

Recently there has been news about Windows 8 available to Microsoft partners through Microsoft Connect. New features are being leaked and a full series of Windows 8 installation screenshots have also been leaked. Windows 8 will take backup to the next level by including a new feature called History Vault.

Windows 8 History Vault

History Vault is a concept taken from Mac OS X most probably. Apple Mac OS X includes an automatic backup utility called Time Machine which automatically saves copies of all the files so that if you have any problems with the latest version of the file, you have select from the previous version of the file and restore the previous version. Same thing has been implemented in Windows 8. Windows 8 users will be able to edit and restore earlier versions of their files. Although this feature is somehow included in Windows 7 but is very limited. History Vault will take backup to the next level and a much more advanced approach will be taken than the current Windows Backup software.