Hide Files Inside Other Files Using Windows Security Software

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you must have read about Veneer which we reviewed sometime ago. Using Veneer, we can hide files inside images which can be unhidden by the same software. Today we will be reviewing a similar software but with on exception. Veneer was limited to hiding files inside images only, this software can use any file as a host and any file as the destination.

DeEgger Embedder is the software we are talking about. DeEgger Embedder is a security software which can be used to hides multiple files into other files. The nature of the original file does not changes. The only attribute that changes is the file size.

DeEgger Embedder

DeEgger Embedder comes with a simple interface with no complex options. When you open the software, you will see three text boxes. The first box will list the path of the host file. Host file is the one in which other files will be hidden.

The second box labeled “Select the file to embed” is the one where we will give the path of the file to be hidden.

The third box labeled “Log” will give you a preview of the file processing. Once you have selected the host file and the file to be embedded, you can click on the Combine button to embed one file into another.

The Extract button will actually extract the original file from the host file. You can also change the settings by clicking on the Settings button which you will find at the bottom right corner of DeEgger Embedder window.

DeEgger Embedder settings window

Overall DeEgger Embedder is a good utility and it does what it says. But there is one problem with it. If I embed a docx document inside another docx document, I can’t open the original document until I extract the embedded document. I have tried this only on Microsoft Word documents. If you are trying it on other files, please share your experiences with us in the comments below.

Download DeEgger Embedder

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