Hide Files Inside Images With Veneer File Masking Software

There are several techniques of hiding sensitive and important files from unauthorized access. One of the most popular method is to encrypt files with a third party encrypting software like TrueCtypt. I have reviewed 14 file and folder encryption software which can be used to password protect or hide files from unauthorized access. If you are using Windows and don’t want to use any third party software for encrypting files and folders, you can also encrypt or decrypt files and folders in Windows 7.

You can also make the file as hidden from File attributes but this can be easily undone by anyone who knows how to unhide files in Windows. Another interesting way of protecting your sensitive files is to hide those files inside the images. Yes! you can hide your files inside images. The only visible difference between the image before hiding the file and after hiding the file inside the image is the size of the image. The size of the image will increase but otherwise there will be no difference in the image. The image will open as it used to open before. No one will know that there is a file hidden inside the image.

Veneer bind file

Veneer is a free and open source file masking software which lets the user to hide a file inside an image. It also lets the user unhide the file from the image as well. Veneer comes with a bulky graphical user interface. The publisher of the software certainly needs to cleanup the white space and make the main window compact (like I have done it in the image above).

Apart from the user interface, Veneer is pretty easy to use and uses a step by step approach to get the work done. There are a total of 4 steps for hiding the file inside an image. You will need to select “Bind File” from the menu for hiding process.

Veneer select the file to be binded

  1. Enter the image path where you want to hide the file and hit the proceed button.
  2. Enter the file path which you want to hide and hit the proceed button.
  3. Step 3 is automated and will bind the image with the file.
  4. Step 4 will show the link to the image which has been created as a result of this binding process.

You will be able to open the image as normal but you will see a difference in the size of the image which means that the file is successfully been hidden inside the image file.

Unbinding is the process to unhide the hidden file inside the image. This process is also very easy and uses only three steps.

  1. Select the encrypted or binded image file
  2. Step 2 is an automated unbinding process
  3. Process completed will separate the actual file and the image.

Veneer search binded files

Apart from binding and unbinding, Veneer provides a very useful function of searching for binded files. You will need to give the search location under Search preferences.

Overall Veneer is a great portable software useful for many people who do not want very high amount of protection to their files and just want to hide the files from common eye.

Download Veneer

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