Hard Drive Speed Test And Monitoring Tool For Windows 7

The performance of a computer usually depends upon the slowest component in the computing process. If you are using Windows 7 and look at the Windows Experience Index, you can clearly see that WEI is determined by the lowest rating in all the rated components and the slowest component is usually the hard drive.

If your computer hangs frequently, you may want to know which component is creating the problems. You can easily check whether the CPU is being used 100% or there is more RAM being consumed in the Windows Task Manager but there is no simple way to see whether the hard drive is performing its operations correctly or not. In Windows 7 you can check the hard drive read/write stats in the Resource Meter but it is not always feasible to see the stats by opening the Resource Meter.

Drive Speedometer is a small utility which makes our life easier by displaying hard drive read/write speeds and how much bandwidth is being consumed from the total capacity of the hard drive. It is very easy to see the stats right on the Desktop. Here’s the screenshot of how Drive Speedometer displays the stats on the Desktop.

Drive Speedometer

Drive Speedometer configuration menu is very easy and flexible. You can change the way the stats are displayed on the Desktop and you can change different notification colors like the read/write bars displayed when read/write operations are being carried out.

Drive Speedometer Configuration

The resource usage of Drive Speedometer is very low. On my laptop with Windows 7 64-bit Edition, it is consuming about 4MB of RAM which is pretty fine when we see the amount of RAM being installed on modern systems. Drive Speedometer can be downloaded from the author’s site.