Google Toolbar Alternative for Firefox? Googlebar Is The Answer

Google has officially discontinued the support and update of Google Toolbar for Firefox. While Google is actively maintaining the same toolbar for Internet Explorer, this move seems to be an effort to hoard some of the Firefox user base to their own browser, Google Chrome. Responding to this, the Mozilla team has developed their own clone of Google Toolbar.


Googlebar, the Google toolbar alternative for Firefox, looks very similar to the original Google toolbar. It also includes some additional features for advanced Google users. Although Googlebar is in early stages, it lacks two most powerful features of the original Google toolbar, PageRank and Auto Form Filling. The first is PageRank. This is very important for webmasters and SEOs who want to keep an eye on the authority and PR of a page. There are several alternatives available that can fill this gap like SearchStatus and SEO Status PageRank/Alexa Toolbar. The second missing feature is the auto form filling. For this, you can use the Autofill Firefox add-on. Since I am addicted to commenting on different blogs and sites, I use the easyComment add-on to auto fill the comment forms.

Before searching with Googlebar, you need to configure certain settings. You need to select the international version of Google search to the country of your choice otherwise the default is Google Argentine ( The most powerful feature that I liked in Googlebar is its ability to perform custom search on different Google properties. The custom search is included for the following sites:

  • Google search
  • Site search
  • I’m feeling lucky
  • Image search
  • Video search
  • Google groups
  • Web directory
  • News search
  • Answers search
  • Scholar search
  • Print search
  • Desktop search

You can also include special searches like Catalog search, Blogger, Google maps etc. All this configuration can be made from Googlebar options.

Googlebar options

Download Googlebar for Firefox

If you want to remove any toolbar from your browser, you may check out various toolbar removal tools.

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