Google Drive Offline Installer Links For Windows, Mac, Android And iPhone

Dropbox is certainly the leader in cloud storage solutions. Actually Dropbox has been one of the very first to provide with the cloud storage service. People loved it because of its ease of use and the 2 GB free space. Bigger players came to this market as it expanded. the bigger players included Microsoft and Google. Google has released its Google Drive some time ago. Google Drive seems to be quite a bit of success from Google as Google will be integrating Google Docs and host of other services to the Drive. Since Google Docs will be integrated with Google Drive, you may also want to use Google Cloud Connect to sync Microsoft Office docs with Google Docs.

Download Google Drive

Currently Google Drive is offering 5 GB of free space which is the same when compared with most of the cloud storage services. You may read more about Google Drive here. Using Google Drive is quite easy. You only have to install the Google Drive desktop app in Windows and start using it.

Google Drive Offline Installer

Normally when you go to and want to download Google Drive, you will need to be signed into Google account. Otherwise you can download the clients for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone/iPad on the Google Drive start page. The problem with the installer which we download from that link is that it is an online installer meaning that when run, it will still download the actual installer from the Internet. If you want to install it on multiple computer, it is always a headache to download Google Drive on each computer. So here are the offline installer links for Google Drive.

Download Google Drive offline installer for Windows

Download Google Drive offline installer for Mac

Download Google Drive for Android

Download Google Drive offline installer for iPhone/iPad

These are the direct download links for the latest version of Google Drive which is 1.4.3365.1552. I will update the installer links whenever Google updates the client.

You may try out Bitcasa which is a cloud storage service with unlimited storage space.

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