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Google Cloud Connect, a Google Docs plug-in for Microsoft Office has publicly been released. Previously it was released to a select no. of partners. Google Cloud Connect simply lets you sync Microsoft Office documents to Google Docs online. Google Cloud Connect can connect Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office including Office 2003, Office 2007 and Office 2010.

google cloud connect installed

Google Cloud Connect, previously known as DocVerse, also makes it easy to share and collaborate with the synchronized documents. Google Cloud Connect can be downloaded and installed from Google. Once you have installed it, a simple toolbar will appear in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint which lets you sign in to your Google Account and then synchronize the document you’re viewing or editing. It has two options, you can synchronize automatically when you save the document or you can manually synchronize the document by hitting the Sync button on the toolbar. Here’s how the toolbar looks like:

google cloud connect toolbar

When you log-in to your Google account from the toolbar, it will ask for permission for your computer to use your Google Account. Here’s the warning that you’ll get:

The application that directed you here claims to be ‘Google Apps Connect (IMICROSOFT-PC).’ We are unable to verify this claim as the application runs on your computer, as opposed to a Web site. We recommend you deny access unless you trust the application.

You can safely click on Grant Access button in order for the toolbar to start synchronizing the docs to your Google account. If you have selected to automatically sync the documents when you save them, if you are offline and are working on your documents, they will automatically be synced once you get online.

You can also share the documents with your friends using Google Cloud Connect. You will get the Share button on the toolbar once you have saved and synced the document. Click on the Share button and share the doc with your friends. You have to give their email address for them to see the document. You can also set the permissions for the shared documents whether you want it to be view only or the other person can also edit the doc. The permission system is on a per user basis so you can assign different permissions to different people.

Once you have saved and synced the document, the toolbar will give you the exact URL of the document so you can give that URL to anyone for viewing the document. Another great feature of Google Cloud Connect is version control. You can see the version history of the document to see what was changed over time.

Download Google Cloud Connect For Microsoft Office

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    You don’t need a separate Google account for using cloud connect toolbar. You need to download and install the Cloud connect toolbar with Microsoft Office to sync all your documents to Google docs.


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