Google Chrome Hotdogs Icon Will Replace The Wrench Menu Icon

There is a very interesting discussion going on Google Chrome issues site. The issue number 137744 is titled "Hotdogs menu icon on all desktop platforms". This is about a rather minor change in Google Chrome browser, the wrench icon on the top right corner of the browser which is used to open the settings menu is to be changed to a hotdogs icon. The description of the issue states this:

Feature description: We want to switch the "Wrench menu" out with the new hotdogs icon. This requires revised ConOps documentation, a blog post, and new assets for all desktop clients. Any new strings? Yes? Any implications for Google webservices (i.e. sync, translate)? Yes?

François Beaufort has shared an image from Mac OSX which shows a hotdogs icon already implemented on Google Chrome. But we are still waiting to get our hands on this new icon to be implemented on Google Chrome for Windows.

Google Chrome hotdogs menu in Mac OSX

If you read through the comments in the issue 137744, comment # 13 states that the new icon looks similar to OSX 10.8 notification center icon.

FWIW, this new icon looks somewhat similar to OS X 10.8’s notification center icon that’s permanently visible in the menu bar.

Although this is a very minor change for most of the people, bloggers will feel the difference because from now on, when writing tutorials, the bloggers will need to point people to hotdogs icon instead of the old wrench icon. In my opinion, the hotdogs icon is a strange name because the hotdogs icon just consists of three horizontal lines and nothing else. The wrench icon is better suited for the settings icon. What is your opinion about this new coming change?

6 thoughts on “Google Chrome Hotdogs Icon Will Replace The Wrench Menu Icon

    1. Hopefully not. It is a minor change in my opinion. Although the wrench icon was pretty good and the hotdogs icon doesn’t seem all that well, we’ll have to live with it now for the rest of Google Chrome 🙂

  1. It needs to change IMHO. The menu doesn’t just contain settings any more so the wrench is not correct. This is now fast becoming a standard icon for indicating menus or lists are available.


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