Microsoft Adds Google Chat Support In – Here’s How To Enable It

Microsoft has been fighting hard to win back the email users which it lost to Google’s Gmail. Google’s Gmail service was introduced as an invite only service which later became very popular among the users because of its simplicity, search features and most importantly huge amount of storage that kept on increasing. with Google Chat integrated

Microsoft’s and Yahoo mail were left far behind in a matter of few years. Gmail has kept on improving with time. Microsoft has been keen on winning its users back and has replaced Hotmail with which has a lot of new and improved features which can compete with Gmail. is similar to Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Web Access. supports some unique features like integrating social media right into the mailbox. already integrates Skype and Facebook chat inside the mailbox to attract users to the service. The latest service to enter into the chat arena is Google Chat. Microsoft said that Google Chat support was one of the most requested features from people who were using their service.

With the addition of Google Chat with Google Contacts right inside of, people will have an absolute comfort in switching from Gmail to Gmail has about 425 million active users while Outlook has just been born. Microsoft hopes to get a boost in the user base of

One of the most lucrative feature of is that it only shows ads in the main inbox. It doesn’t show ads inside the emails which Gmail does. has a better UI while Gmail’s search outperforms search.

The new Google Chat with Google contacts inside mail has already been integrated and will begin rolling out to all the users in a few days.

If you want to add Google Chat support to right now, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and login with your Microsoft account
  2. Click on “Content from” at the bottom right corner of the browser window which will take you to social integration features of
    Adding Google Chat to
  3. Now click on the Google account and sign in with your user credentials in order to integrate Google Account with Microsoft account
    Integrate Google account with Microsoft account
  4. Once Google Account has been integrated, you will be able to chat with your Google Contacts from sidebar.

What is your opinion about’s new Google Chat integration? Will you make a switch because of this feature? If not then why do you prefer Gmail over

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