Gooce+ – Add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn To Google+ Plus

The competition of social media is just upon us. All the major companies are starting to launch their own social networking platforms. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social networking platforms. But now Google has plunged into the social war with Google+.

Google+ is in limited beta right now and is invite only. But the people who have used Google+ say that it has very good social networking features as compared to Facebook. Now the most disturbing thing is that people find it extremely difficult to keep all their social network accounts active all the time. It is very much time consuming to update each and every account separately.

I personally use service in order to update all my social network IDs. But right now Google+ does not offer any way to remotely update the status. So I have to update my Google+ account separately.

I have found a Google Chrome extension which is very helpful in combining the social sites together. Gooce+ makes it possible to integrate Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn within Google+. Although the news streams stay separate, it makes it very easy to stay updated with the news streams of these social sites within Google+. So now you only need to open Google+ in order to stay updated with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Gooce+ is compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox. You can install the extension on either Chrome or Firefox. When you open Google+, you will see three new icons at the top. The three icons are for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn respectively. You can click on any icon, sign into the appropriate service and start using the service within Google+.

Download Gooce+

Note: If you don’t have a Google+ account as of yet, you can go to our forums and get a free Google+ invite.