Make Your Windows 7 Look Like Linux Gnome With Gnome Transformation Pack

Linux is a very good Operating System but it is not used as widely as Windows.  Windows comes with different appealing visual themes by which you can change the look and feel of your Operating System. We have been covering some famous Windows themes like Windows 8 transformation pack, Fruit Ninja theme, The Smurfs theme, themes for Halloween and Valentine’s day theme.

Today I will share another Windows 7 theme pack which is something related to Linux. Linux also uses a Desktop environment program. While there are many, Gnome is the most popular and default in many Linux distros. Gnome is a very intuitive look and feel.

Gnome transformation pack checking system

If you like the visuals of Gnome and want your Windows 7 to be very similar to Linux Gnome environment, then you can use the Gnome transformation pack. Let’s take a tour of Gnome transformation pack.

Gnome transformation pack changes almost everything in Windows 7 including the boot screen and the logon screen. The desktop arrangement becomes very similar to Linux.

3d effects of Gnome transformation pack

Gnome transformation pack for Windows 7

Gnome transformation pack for Windows 7 all apps open

Installing and using Gnome transformation pack is easy. You will need to download the installer at the end of this article. Unzip and run the setup. During the installation it will ask you to install a toolbar which I never recommend to install. So you should un-check both the check boxes and proceed.

On the next screen you will be able to choose which items you want to transform. The options include cursors, visual style, wallpaper, fonts, smartflip, gnomerBootScreen, TopTaskbar etc. Select the effects that you like and click on Install. This will install Gnome transformation pack. You will need to restart the computer for settings to take effect.

If you want to uninstall this skin pack, you can easily do it through Control Panel –> Programs and Features –> Uninstall a Program

Download Gnome Transformation Pack for Windows 7 32-bit

Download Gnome Transformation Pack for Windows 7 64-bit

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