Getting Ready For Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta)

The release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta) is around the corner and will be released in a few hours. If you want to know exactly how much time is left in the release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, you can go to this timer app which displays the time left until Windows 8 release. Although the latest work on Windows 8 is nearing the RC build with the build no. 8288.0.winmain.120223-1751. But publicly Windows 8 final beta will be released today. It’s build no. is 8250.0.winmain_win8beta.120217-1520.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview fish wallpaper

Some interesting features that have been leaked out even before the release event:

  1. Microsoft will be including the new Windows 8 logo in the charms bar.
  2. The show desktop button is hidden in Windows 8 Consumer Preview but it still is a feature and may be visible in the next releases.
  3. Windows 8 Consumer Preview will come with the new lock screen background and the new Windows 8 Consumer Preview theme.
  4. New setup icon and installprep splash screen image will be included in this beta release.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview release date

The release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview will be announced at the Mobile World Congress event. This Microsoft move seems to highlight the fact that it is time for the convergence of PC and Mobile world. Windows 8 is something that will look the same on powerful computers as well as smart devices. If Microsoft succeeds in doing this, it will definitely be a big leap over Apple iOS and Google Android. But I wonder what will happen to Windows Phone?

We will be posting the download links of Windows 8 beta when it is launched. So stay tuned and keep visiting today :-). Will you be downloading Windows 8 Consumer Preview today?

Update: It has finally been released. You can download Windows 8 Consumer Preview and enjoy the new looks of the latest Operating System from Microsoft. You may also be interested in Windows 8 future release dates and build numbers.