Get Microsoft Office 2013 For Less Then $10

Microsoft Home Use Program! have you ever heard that? If yes then you may know to use it but if no, then here is your guide to purchasing Microsoft Office 2013 through Microsoft’s Home Use Program.

Recently, it has been announced that Microsoft’s HUP has been updated with Microsoft office 2013. HUP is usually accessed by employees of different companies. The benefit of buying software through HUP is that you get them at low rates. Microsoft Office 2013 is now available at HUP for $9.95. Yes! Now you can get it for this low rate by just using your work email and a program code.

The software is available for $15 in Australia and for £8.95 in United Kingdom.

Not only for Windows, but the program is also valid for Mac users. So, if your company provides you the above mentioned details, then you can get MS office 2013 for as low as $9.

Contact your employer and get the code as soon as possible to avail this offer. This offer is also valid for Army officers too. The process is mentioned below:

  1. Visit the HUP website.
  2. Select your Country
    select your Country
  3. Select your or your organization’s location and it will redirect your to the details page.
  4. Submit Work Email and Program Code
    Microsoft HUP details
  5. On the right hand side, you’ll see a form. Enter your work email and Program code that has been assigned by your employer.
  6. Now verify your Email
  7. After submitting correct details, you’ll see the following message.
    Successful verification of Microsoft HUP
  8. Log in to your mail box and verify address.
  9. Now, Proceed with the payment details.

For United States Army

If you are associated with the United States Army, then enter your Army email address and use the standard code C4FAA257E3.

So, you can get MS office 2013 for $9 by following these simple steps. If you have any other question regarding this offer, you can mention it in the comments section or simple visit the FAQ section of Microsoft Home User Program.