Get Back Windows 7 Boot Loader After Installing Windows 8

Windows 8 Consumer Preview comes with a brand new touch enabled boot loader. You will see the boot loader touch enabled selection screen only if you have installed Windows 8 in dual boot environment. The new boot loader has integrated some tools which can help repair Windows 8 Operating system in case it has corrupted. But for Windows 7 users the new boot loader has a problem, whenever you want to switch to Windows 7 the computer restarts then boots into the Windows 7.

The problem can be circumvented only by removing the new boot loader.

You need EasyBCD to remove Windows 8 boot loader. EasyBCD is a great tool for recovering the boot loader of Windows XP/Vista/7 and now Windows 8. EasyBCD for the Windows 8 is available in Beta.

Download EasyBCD 2.2 Beta

EasyBCD editing Windows 8 boot loader

Run EasyBCD in the Windows 7 because it has some problems while running in the Windows 8. After selecting the language you will see the interface of the EasyBCD. The trick is very easy. You need to click on the Edit Boot Menu button. After you click it, you will see the entries in your boot loader. You need to click on Save Settings. A message on the status bar of EasyBCD will be shown Boot loader settings saved successfully. All is done. You need to restart your computer and you will see the same windows7/vista style boot loader at Windows startup. Now whenever you want to start the Windows 7  you just select Windows 7 from the OS selection menu and the computer will directly boot into Windows 7 without restarting. Windows 8 will also boot from this menu directly without any restarts.

Although the old boot loader is better for dual booting previous Windows Operating systems with Windows 8, you lose all the features of the new boot loader. The troubleshooting options for Windows 8 are only available with the new boot loader and you do not have these options in the old boot loader.

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