GameStream vs. GeForce Now : Who is the gaming king?

NVIDIA is one gaming company that probably every gamer has heard about. They are the bestsellers and are currently the number one gaming service provider company. They have been in the industry for a long time and enhance your gaming experience. They have further fortified their situation with the release of GameStream and GeForce Now. Now as an avid gamer all you need to do is to choose the one that best suits your needs.


Before divulging into their difference, the similarities between the two cloud gaming service providers are:

  1. Both the service providers, enable game streaming on your devices.
  2. NVIDIA SHIELD devices are the prerequisite for any game streaming through these cloud-based game streaming service providers.
  3. GameStream and GeForce Now require a Wi-Fi router with at least a speed of 5MHz.

GameStream Vs GeForce Now

If you are a gamer then you will love to know the difference between these gaming services, so that you can find the right service for your PC gaming needs.


  • It is for those prefer PC gaming.
  • You need to own a SHIELD device like Shield Tablet, Shield TV or any other Shield portable device.
  • It streams the games from your PC to any of the portable devices. This allows you to play your games at home or anywhere else you want to.
  • All the load is being carried by your PC in this case. Your PC would require a GeForce GTX graphics card on your gaming PC.
  • GameStream is free of cost, the only cost incurred is the cost of purchasing the Shield device and the games.
  • It can be installed very easily , you just need the GeForce Experience to handle all the game streaming and you are good to go.
  • It allows you to access your games just about anywhere with an internet connection.
  • GameStream supports, Bluetooth keyboard and mice. Since the streaming is through Wi-Fi, the connection can be a bit dormant.

GeForce Now

  • It did not stream games from your PC, instead, it streamed games from the Cloud. But with the latest edition, you can enjoy games on your PC as well.
  • You can enjoy free streaming of some sections of the game, but you need to pay around $7.99/gameto enjoy full versions.
  • It allows you to stream games to your devices, without having a heavy Graphics card.
  • It also allows Mac users to play Windows-only games and that too with the perfect graphics.
  • GeForce Now can be easily purchased with an $8 monthly subscription and you get access to 60 games.
  • Has a facility to allow you to continue accessing your already purchased games through Steam Key feature if you cancel your subscription.
  • Unlike GameStream, GeForce Now is not being streamed from your home. It is being streamed from various server locations, thus it has very specific network requirements. Besides a 5MHz router, it requires a minimum of 25Mbps internet connection.
  • It allows you to test your network’s capability and it will then inform you about the lacking in your connection and also guide as to measures you should take to have the connection at par. If there is constant fluctuations in your internet connection GeForce Now automatically adjusts the connection’s speed to meet requirements.
  • You do not need to install GTX graphics card. GeForce Now allows your old laptop to access the graphics card through the cloud and you can then enjoy crisp graphics for your game without any delays and poor output.

The Final Verdict

For avid gamers who earlier decided against GeForce Now due to its inability to allow PC gaming can take a back seat now. Since the new GeForce Now allows PC gaming and also has its own set of amazing games library that can be easily accessed through the cloud. So the best choice would be to get NVIDIA SHIELD, this will allow you to enjoy GameStream as well as have access to the GeForce Now games all through your PC and then you can use the Shield device to play games from your PC wherever you go thanks to GameStream!

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