Free International World Clock For Your Windows Desktop

QLock is a free world clock for your Windows Desktop which can show you time or different international locations. This clock is especially useful if you live in a different time zone while work according to another time zone. This practice is usually common in Asia where there are a lot of freelancers working with European and US customers. So it can be useful for everyone from customers to companies to home users.


QLock Free, when installed, shows a list of different cities and locations that you have chosen on the Desktop so that every time zone time is in front of you. Each clock is highly customizable and can be dragged and placed on any location on the desktop.

Another feature of QLock Free is that it includes an alarm clock with each clock so that you can easily set alarms for different clocks according to different time zones. You can also customize the color of each clock according to your will and needs. You can also change the time format to 24-hour format or 12-hour format (AM/PM).


Nifty information that each clock gives is the difference of the time zone with World standard time (Greenwich Mean Time). Some of the more advanced features are only included in the Professional version of the software which make this software a lot more than a world clock but a great information manager. The Pro features include sticky notes, multiple profiles, Qlock sync to sync your settings across multiple computers, daily foreign exchange rates, multiple alarms per city, automatic updates, countdown timers, integrated world map and the list goes on.


QLock world clock can be downloaded from Qlock website. After installation, Qlock will display four clocks by default. You can remove or change the settings of each clock by right clicking on the clock and selecting appropriate options. Some settings are labeled as Pro which are only available in the professional version of QLock World Clock.