Ocster Backup: Free Backup Software With Automatic Backup Feature

Data backup is an important part of digital life as the digital media is always vulnerable to malfunctioning and other forms of destruction. It is always recommended to have a safe and secure regular backup of your data. Otherwise you may lose all your data in case of disaster. It is sometimes very difficult to copy your important data manually to a backup location. It is difficult especially when you want to backup your data with encryption. Encrypting the backup data is important for sensitive files and folders because you would want to password protect your data in case anyone gets access to your backup device. The encrypted data will remain password protected and will only be visible to the one who has the password.

Ocster Backup is a free and very easy to use backup software which can automatically take scheduled backups without any manual actions required. It will backup the data that is being used by the system so there will be no corrupt or left out backup files. It seems certainly better than Microsoft Windows backup tool which is a lot harder to configure and use (atleast harder than Ocster Backup). Let’s look at some of the features of Ocster Backup.

Ocster Backup is very easy to install and involves no complex configuration or operations. Just the traditional setup wizard steps to follow and that’s all. When you start up Ocster Backup for the first time, it will look like this:

Ocster backup free backup software

There are three options to choose from:

  1. Create a new backup plan
  2. Restore backup
  3. Manage backup plans

All three options are self explanatory. You will need to create a new backup plan to start with. You can restore any backup plan using the restore backup option. Since you can create multiple backup plans, you will be able to manage each backup plan through manage backup plans option.

When creating a backup plan you will need to select a backup location and backup name in the first step.

Create new backup plan with Ocster backup

In the next step you will need to select the files and folders to be backed up. You can select the whole drive, any folder or a single file for backup.

Select files and folders to backup

The next step will allow you to enable encryption and password protect the backup. You may choose not to encrypt your backup data if you don’t fear that you data can be stolen by anyone.

Encrypt and password protect files and folders using Ocster backup

In the next step you will be able to schedule the backup plan to run automatically after specific intervals (daily or weekly). You may choose not to run the backup plan automatically. In this case you will need to run the backup plan yourself whenever you want to synchronize and update your backup.

Password protect files and folders

A summary of your configuration of backup plan will be shown the end:

Ocster backup plan configuration summary

You can see that the encryption used by Ocster free backup software is AES-256 and the compression used is zlib. The free version of Ocster backup only supports incremental backups and does not store any previous version of the backup. If you want these features, you may want to purchase the professional version of Ocster backup. The Professional version also includes online backup meaning that all your backups will be stored online on Ocster cloud servers. This is a good options as online storage is usually more secure and reliable than a local storage.

Ocster backup: Running the backup plan

Download Ocster Backup free backup software.