FlipToast: Metro Style Facebook Client For Windows 8

There is a huge number of Facebook and Twitter clients which have popped up over a year or two but most of them have not been user friendly. The ones which are user friendly tend to annoy with prolonged notifications and lack of features.

Using Twitter and Facebook in a browser has always been easy but today I have come across a Facebook and Twitter client for Windows desktop which is both user friendly and feature rich.

Facebook Status update through FlipToast

FlipToast, is a Facebook and Twitter client which lets users connect to the social site and notify the users of any updates. The user can also update his or her status using FlipToast. FlipToast runs on Adobe Air. You need to have Adobe Air installed in order to run this app.

FlipToast notifications

There are two features that I love in FlipToast. One, the drag and drop photo upload to Facebook is a great feature and requires minimal effort in uploading and sharing photos on Facebook. The support for uploading photos on Twitter is not yet available. Two, I can chat with my Facebook friends right from the FlipToast interface. This is truly exciting because I don’t need to have a separate messenger app for chatting with my Facebook friends.

upload photo to Facebook using FlipToast

When you install FlipToast, you will get a floating icon on the desktop which will expand if you click on the icon. The icon is set to always on top so you will get the icon without minimizing all the open windows. The expanded menu has many icons. You will need to get familiar with all the icons to have a smooth experience of FlipToast.

According to my observation, there is one limitation of FlipToast. While we get the notifications on the desktop, we still have to open Facebook in the browser in order to see the full update. There is no way we can expand the notification inside FlipToast.

Overall, FlipToast is the best Facebook client for Windows. You can even use it on Windows 8 using the new metro interface.

Download FlipToast app