Flash Player 32 Available for Download

Adobe has released the new version of Flash Player 32. The complete version number at the time of this writing is Although Flash Player is set to be dead by the end of 2020, a lot of people still use it.

Windows 10 comes with its own version of Flash Player and it is updated using Windows Updates. The major browsers, Google Chrome and Firefox come with their own built in versions of Flash Player. Still Adobe releases regular updates to Flash.

Some of the resolved issues include the following:

Internet Explorer quits unexpectedly on opening some websites

Windows 10 – Increase in load times from 1 to 30 seconds for AX control in .NET application.

You can read more about the new Adobe Player 32 in its release notes.

Download Flash Player 32

Download the latest Flash Player 32

NPAPI: (Firefox, Safari, Opera) fpdownload.adobe.com/

PPAPI: (Opera, Vivaldi Chromium) fpdownload.adobe.com/

Internet Explorer: fpdownload.adobe.com/

Flash Player 32 for Mac OS

Adobe Flash Player uninstaller