Internet Explorer 9 Slow To Open Solution

When launching Internet Explorer 8 or 9, you may experience that it’s slow when opening for the first time. This problem occurs because of the add-ons and toolbars installed in IE 8 or 9. It can also be caused by security software which interferes with the security zones of Internet Explorer like Spybot Search and Destroy.

To get rid of slow startup problem, we need to investigate the nature of the problem. First we need to start IE without any add-ons. In Windows 7, go to Start Search and type Internet Explorer.

Choose Internet Explorer (No Add-ons). This will open IE without loading any add-ons.

Now if IE opens and works correctly, we’re sure that there is some add-on that is creating the problem. We need to disable the add-ons one by one to see which is the culprit add-on. To enabel or disable add-ons, just open Internet Explorer –> Tools –> Manage Add-ons.

Otherwise we need to stop the software interfering with IE. If the problem persists then the last resort is to reset the Internet Explorer settings. To reset IE settings, open Internet Explorer –> Tools –> Internet Options –> Advanced.

Under Reset Internet Explorer Settings, select Reset.