Download Firefox with Twitter Integration

Firefox with TwitterMozilla is trying to keep up with the browser battle by introducing new features and fixing issues that have been asked by Firefox browser community many a times. Sometime back I wrote about Mozilla’s partnership with Bing which resulted in Firefox with Bing. Now Mozilla has come up with Firefox for Twitter. Twitter users who use Twitter frequently can now use this new edition of Firefox which comes with Twitter integrated within the browser.

Mozilla already provides a Firefox extension which enables you to tweet via Firefox awesome bar (address bar). But when it comes to searching Twitter, there was no add-on or any extension which could make the task easier by adding the Twitter search engine like other search engines like Google, Bing, Wikipedia etc.

A search engine that can search Twitter can be a dream come to for those who live their lives on Twitter. So what does the new Firefox with Twitter include and what is its additional functionality?

Firefox with Twitter instant connect

Using Firefox with Twitter you can easily search people by their Twitter handles or search for any topic using the # key in the address bar. For example, my twitter handle is usmank11. If anyone wants to open my twitter account, there is no need to type Just type @usmank11 and it will open my Twitter account.

Firefox with Twitter search engine

The search function also works the same way. For example, if you want to search for tweets about wordpress, you can type #wordpress in the Firefox address bar and the search results are shown from Twitter. You can also make Twitter your default search engine which can be useful in case you have to search for many topics on Twitter.

Firefox with Twitter pinned tab

Firefox with Twitter also includes a shiny Twitter pinned tab by default. The pinned tab will light up when there’s a new tweet in your Twitter feed.

I would love to have another edition of Firefox that integrates with Facebook and Google+. I hope it’ll be coming soon Smile.

Download Firefox with Twitter