Firefox With Bing, Microsoft Partnership With Mozilla

It seems that while Google has removed support for Google Toolbar for Firefox, with “Firefox with Bing” Microsoft and Mozilla are teaming up to include Bing with Firefox as a default search engine. Last year Mozilla had included Bing as one of the available options in the search bar but Google remained the default search engine for the the search box as well as the awesome bar (Firefox address bar). This time Mozilla has got one step further and will be releasing Bing as the default search engine for both the search box and the awesome bar.

Firefox With Bing addon for Firefox

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Here’s what Microsoft has to say about this deal:

So today we’re teaming with Mozilla to release Firefox with Bing, a version of the popular Web browser that includes default search settings for Bing. Now Firefox users who are Bing enthusiasts can use Firefox with Bing to use the Web the way they want without having to take extra steps to navigate or customize their settings to Bing.

In my opinion Microsoft is heading to the right direction in advertising Bing. But from my experience after using Bing for a while, Bing is useful but not perfect. I still prefer to have Google as my default search engine. This is mainly because of two reasons. One, the relevance. Google still gives more relevant results even personalized according to what I have been searching before. Two, layout. I don’t like the layout of the Bing search results page. Bing should be made a litte bit more readable and less cluttering. Bing is still new and improving day by day. I hope it will compete with Google some day. You can download the latest version of Firefox with Bing from the following locaion: Download Firefox with Bing This update comes as an addon to Firefox but it may soon be a part of Firefox releases in the future. You may want to read more about Firefox With Bing on Bing blog or ReadWriteWeb.