Firefox 9 Beta – Download And Features

Firefox 9 Beta has been released and I have downloaded it for testing purpose. Please note that you should never install this beta version of any product on a production system because it may contain bugs that may crash the software resulting in data loss. The new Firefox 9 beta has some interesting addition of features. Let’s discuss them one by one:

Firefox 9 beta 1

Faster JavaScript

Type Inference has been added to Firefox 9 which will make JavaScript compiling and execution a lot faster. Type Inference means that the JIT compiler will know which type of code is to be executed. Since JavaScript is dynamically typed, currently the JIT engine generates code for all the possible types in the code which makes compiling a longer and slower process.

Mac OS X Lion support

Now Firefox 9 beta matches the user interface of Mac OS X Lion including application toolbar and icon styles. It also support two finger swipe navigation gesture.

Improvements for developers

Firefox developers have also been given some new features like Do Not Track JavaScript Detection which enables JavaScript to show developers when users opt-out of behavioral tracking. Firefox 9 beta also supports Chunked XHR which enables developers to make websites and apps faster to download and function on Firefox.

If you want to read out the long list of technical improvements in Firefox 9 beta, then you can visit the technical release notes.

Direct Download Links

Download Firefox 9 Beta for Windows

Download Firefox 9 Beta for Mac OS X

Download Firefox 9 Beta for Linux

All these downloads given above are for English version of Firefox and are direct download links. If you want to download Firefox in any other language, you can go to all languages and systems page.

If you have an Android phone and want to run Firefox on that, just download it from the following direct link:

Download Firefox 9 Beta for Mobile (Android Marketplace link)

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  1. Seems to be good but I don’t think it has any additional value for a normal user. You have given only technical information which may be beneficial to a developer but not for the one who does not know much about computers.

  2. I especially like the stop/refresh button that has been moved inside the awesome bar but I am looking for a way that I can move the button to the left hand side of the awesome bar. Is it possible to do so?


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