Download Firefox 6 Stable For Windows, Linux And Mac

The final version of Firefox 6 is already on the verge of release today. The last beta was Firefox 6 beta 4. There were some reports that Firefox 6 Final was available for download on the official Mozilla FTP servers but they seem to have closed that with the following message:

firefox 6 download error

Anyways, there have been some bugfixes in the new version of Firefox but there is not much change visually. The complete list of bugs fixed in Firefox 6 is listed here. The major improvements in Firefox 6 stable include performance improvements with a little better memory handling. This means that there will be less memory leaks as compared to previous versions of Firefox. Firefox 6 also highlights the domain you’re visiting in the address bar.

Download Firefox 6.0 Stable:

Firefox 6.0 for Windows

Firefox 6.0 for Linux

Firefox 6.0 for Mac

All these versions are US English versions. If you want Firefox in another language, you can go to Firefox FTP servers and select Firefox in your appropriate language to download.

The beta version of Firefox 7 will also be released today. Firefox 7 will includes some major visual cosmetic changes.

Update: Firefox 6 portable is also available for download.