Firefox 19 Will Come With Australis Interface And New Tab Strip Design

The Australis interface of Firefox which has long been in development has some good news. We have already covered some details about the new interface. Mozilla has also confirmed that the Australis interface will be included in Firefox 19.

The Australis interface includes a new tab strip with curvy tabs instead of the rectangular ones. There will be no visual affordance to background tabs until you hover your mouse cursor over them. The separators of the background tabs can barely be seen. This is very similar to Google Chrome tabs. Let’s have a look at the mockup design again:

Firefox 19 with Australis tabs

The new Australis design will look different in different Operating Systems. The design specifications of each Operating System is as follows:

Firefox 19 Australis design specs

According to Softpedia,

The purpose of the tab strip redesign is to bring out the current active tab and create a “smooth and streamlined appearance.”

Although it’s a lot of visual changes but this is not all that Australis has to offer. We are already seeing some Australis changes in the current builds of Firefox and Mozilla plans to push the new features very carefully and slowly in the new builds to keep Firefox users adapted to the new changes one by one.

Let’s see how to development of Firefox 19 goes on. What are your thoughts on the new design changes in Firefox?

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  1. Just read the news on Softpedia that the Australis interface will not be included in Firefox 19. The visual redesign in Firefox 19 includes a panel based download manager and windows plugin hang UI which is currently in the planning stage. Here’s more from the news:

    The fresh nightly includes the panel-based download manager, again. It is located right next to the search bar, represented by a down arrow when no download task is running. When retrieving a file it shows the estimated time of completion.


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