Firefox Metro For Windows 8 Now Available To Download

Recently we blogged about Metro enabled browsers for Windows 8, the browsers which can be run on the Modern UI of Windows 8. The Modern UI of Windows 8 enables users to run apps in full screen mode. This feature is useful especially for touch devices. Mozilla has just announced the preview version of Firefox 18 which will be Metro enabled. The new Firefox 18 has been built from the grounds up to provide users with the ease of using both the modes in Windows 8, the desktop mode and the metro mode.


There are a lot of visual changes that have happened in Firefox 18 besides the new Metro design and support for Windows 8. According to Mozilla,

The preview includes a new Metro style Firefox Start page, support for Firefox Sync, Metro touch and swipe gestures, integration with Windows 8 “charms”, and a simple but powerful Australis interface that is streamlined, modern, and beautiful. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be adding more features, tightening up Windows integration, improving performance and responsiveness, and finishing up all the necessary work to deliver a first class Firefox experience for Windows 8.

Firefox Metro 18 can be installed along side the latest stable Firefox but it will use the same profile as of your stable Firefox build. You can use the Firefox profile manager in order to create separate profiles for both, Firefox stable and Firefox beta, alpha or nightly builds.


The only problem is that you can run only one Firefox instance at a time. So you can run either Firefox 15 or Firefox 18 Metro. You can download Firefox 18 Metro Preview from here. The links for all the Firefox builds are:

Update: If you are using Windows 8 Release Preview, you will not be able to test this new build of Firefox as it is only meant for RTM version. If you install Firefox 18a on Windows 8 RP, you’ll see that it opens in the default Desktop mode. The only way to test it is using a trial version of Windows 8 Enterprise which can be extended to 180 days. I think it’s worth a go because the Release Preview version will expire in January 2013 any way.

12 thoughts on “Firefox Metro For Windows 8 Now Available To Download”

  1. Anything beats Chrome on Windows 8, Chrome majorly sucks on the platform and should be avoided, so that goodness firefox is hitting the road running!

    • The only problem with Google Chrome in my opinion is that if I open lots and lots of tabs in Chrome, it will take huge amounts of memory but Firefox remains calm even with large amount of tabs.

      This problem has been traditionally affiliated with Firefox but I’m encountering this problem in Chrome in Windows 8.

  2. Critics are not satisfied with Win8 interface. What do you think should we upgrade to it or it will be a failure?

    • Surely. Because a lot of companies are adapting the new interface and a lot of software products are being developed just to run on Windows 8. Just take a lot at Windows 8 store, there are 2500+ apps already in the store even before the general availability which is on 25th of this month.

      In my opinion, Windows 8 may fail but Windows 9 will come with the same interface and will surely be a success. Take an example of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Windows Vista was a complete failure but Windows 7 got built up on the same UI and was a success.

  3. Firefox metro is still unavailable in Windows 8 Enterprise (RTM version).. how to open the metro mode, i have set the nightly build as my Default browser.


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