Firefox 11 Final Offline Installer Full Setup Download

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Firefox is still going through rapid iteration cycles. Soon after the release of Firefox 10 Final, Firefox 11 beta has been released. Firefox 11 offers more interesting features geared mostly towards developers and automatic updates and synchronization features. Let’s look at the new features in Firefox 11.

Firefox 11 beta

New features of Firefox 11 for the developers:

Page Inspector 3D View

Now you can have a tilted view  of the site you are inspecting. Tilt is a new WebGL-based website visualization tool that illustrates the relationship between various parts of a websites and their ancestors in 3D.  The Tilt 3D view is integrated with the Page Inspector tool and is particularly useful when searching through problems in the HTML structure.

3D tilt feature in Firefox 11

To access this feature, you will need to go to Firefox menu –> Web Developer –> Inspect and then select 3D from the inspect toolbar.

Web developer inspector

Style Editor

Firefox 11 includes the new Style Editor tool, which gives developers complete freedom to edit CSS files for a page with live updates in the browser. Developers can also save the edited css files on their computers for further processing.

SPDY Support

Firefox Beta now supports SDPY. SPDY is a transport protocol designed as a successor to HTTP that reduces the amount of time it takes for websites to load. This improves page load times and reduces server load because headers are compressed and fewer connections are used.

New features of Firefox 11 for the users

Add-on Sync

Now the Firefox users can also sync add-ons in addition to their data across other platforms and computers. This will help the users to do their work seamlessly without having to worry about installing all their required add-ons on each installation of Firefox.

Migration Tool Update

Firefox 11 contains an interesting migration tool which can be used to import data from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari. All the data including the preferences and data including bookmarks, history, cookies and user profiles will be imported to your installation of Firefox 11.

Overall it’s a good experience to use Firefox 11. What is your experience about Firefox 11?

Note: Please note that I will be updating this post as the new versions of Firefox 11 are released. You will get the offline installers for all the releases.

Update: Firefox 11 Final has been released and I have updated the download links with the latest version of Firefox. Enjoy!

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