New Microsoft Logo And The History Of Microsoft Logos

New Microsoft Logo

Microsoft has finally unveiled a new logo for the company. Microsoft has been changing everything with the introduction of Windows 8 and the Modern UI (Metro). And now is the perfect time for the Microsoft logo to go Modern. The new logo gets the same four colored boxes but in a nice tiled manner. Here’s the introduction video of the new Microsoft Logo:

Microsoft new logo

Let’s go back and go through all the Microsoft logos and when they were changed.

Microsoft logo 1975

This is the first Microsoft logo which was introduced in 1975 and was used until 1979.

Microsoft logo 1980

This Microsoft logo was introduced in 1980 and was the shortest lived logo. It’s ended in 1981.

Microsoft logo 1983

Then came this logo which survived until 1986.

Microsoft logo 1987

This is the longest lived logo of Microsoft. It has been around since 1987 until 2012 and now Microsoft has introduced a new logo for itself. The logo resembles that of Windows logo but with a Modern UI Metro tiled interface.

The General Manager of brand strategy, Microsoft, Jeff Hansen, says that the new logo is intended to signal heritage as well as the future, the newness and freshness.

Which logo do you like the most? Please share your opinion in comments.

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