File Wiper: Delete Files And Folders Permanently

Computers can store large amounts of data in a small physical storage electronically. The benefit of it is that you don’t need a physical copy of each document you need to store. Just use a computer to store all your documents. There are some sensitive documents that most people don’t want others to access. These documents and files can be kept with security in a computer but when we want to delete these sensitive files, we would make sure that the files can’t be undeleted or retrieved again.

Standard delete methods used by Windows are not perfect and there are many data recovery softwares out there that can just retrieve any deleted file from a Windows computer. One needs to use advanced methods in order to delete sensitive and secret files and documents completely and permanently.

File Wiper is a free and portable tool that can Delete Files And Folders Permanently so that they can’t be retrieved or undeleted again by any software. Running File Wiper will display a trash can above the system tray. If you want to delete a file, just drag and drop the file to the trash can. But first you’ll need to select the deleting method. File Wiper uses four different methods to delete the files and folders permanently:

  1. Quick Erase (1 pass, pattern: 0)
  2. Standard Erase (2 passes, pattern: 0 and 1)
  3. Secure Erase (3 passes, pattern: 0, 1 and random characters)
  4. Maniacal Erase (7 passes, pattern: 0,1,random,01, 0,1, random)

Download File Wiper Portable

You can also see Moo0 FileShredder which is another utility to delete files permanently from a hard disk or you can use a context menu extension RightDelete to do the task for you.