Facebook Messages Gets A New Look With Messenger Like Interface

Facebook has finally announced that they will be changing the current Facebook messages interface. This change was due for a long time, since the inception of Facebook mail in my opinion. This is because although we can chat through Facebook messages but it is highly limited to no formatting etc.

Facebook has finally finalized the new Facebook messages interface. Here’s the screenshot:

new Facebook messages

Hopefully it will replace the old interface in a few days. The old interface is like an email. You will get a list of all the messages along with their preview in a descending order. But the new interface will look more like a messenger like Skype or Windows Live Messenger. You will get the contacts who have messaged you in the past on the left hand side. This will be in a descending format from the most recent messages to the older ones. The right hand side will actually display the message making it easier to read. Now all the messages will be just a click away.

What do you say of this change? Is this change useful? If Facebook gives you an option to choose between the new and the old design of Facebook messages, which one will you choose? Share your opinion in comments below.

You can read further about this news in Facebook newsroom.