ExplorerView: Disable Explorer Auto-Detect Folder Contents

In Windows Vista and Windows 7 whenever you open Windows Explorer, it detects the contents of folders and then lists the details of files in it. The file contents automatically determined by Windows Explorer are; file size, file type, description etc.  This behavior is useful only when you open a folder with small number of files, but if there are a large number of files then this feature slows down your work.  If you disable this feature, folders open without any delay.

ExplorerView disable folder contents

A screenshot of Windows Explorer (Address bar is showing in green colour during explorer file detection)

ExplorerView is small utility which can disable the auto detection of folders in Windows explorer, You can also

  • Set all folder icons in large view.
  • Disable Explorer’s Preview Pane. The Preview Pane is in the right side of the explorer window
  • Disable Explorer’s Details Pane. The Details Pane is at the bottom side of the explorer window
  • Fix Windows Update Error. This will fix the error windows update often warns
  • Disable automatic reboot with Window Update. Windows Update sometimes automatically reboots your computer. This can be disabled with this option
  • Automatically alphabetized the All Programs menu. You can resort the Programs in the Start Menu alphabetically
  • Disable Recycle Bin (permanently delete files). With this option selected you will have no confirmation dialogue that warns you every time you want to delete a file
  • You can adjust Start Menu Delay. The value should be given in milliseconds.
  • Allow 32-bit screen savers to run on 64-bit windows. This option is for the 64 bit windows only, you can run 32-bit screensaver on 64-bit platform.

Download the version compatible with your system. After download, install it and run it, you will see a small window with these options.

ExplorerView options

Check on the option you want then click OK. You will be asked to restart windows.

ExplorerView is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 only

Download ExplorerView 32-bit edition

Download ExplorerView 64-bit edition

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