Automatically Enhance Colors Of Your Images

CastCor color correction tool

Pictures have become an integral part of our digital lives. Everyone with a smartphone or a camera will have a collection of photos taken at different events. The problem is everyone is not a professional photographer. So the photos taken by us will not have the perfect light/dark and color combination. This is where photo editors come into play. Some good photo editors include Magix Photo Designer and Picasa from Google.

Almost all good photo editors include photo correction tools but most of them are more manual than automated. If you would like to have a dedicated tool for enhancing the colors of your images, CastCor can be a good choice.

CastCor introduction 8 bitCastCor is an image color correction tool and that is the only function and purpose of it. It is fully automated and can do different types of color correction like White Point Auto, Manual White Point, Grey Point Auto, Contrast Auto, Auto Color Enhance, Highlight Shadow Enhance, Sharpening etc.

The benefit of CastCor is that it can be fully automated. You can easily adjust and enhance the color levels of your photos. The graphical user interface of CastCor is quite different and intuitive from similar tools. It features three columns, the first one displays the original image, the second column displays tools for color correction and the third column displays the enhanced image.

If anything goes wrong, you can undo your color correction steps one by one or even reset all your changes to revert the image to its original state.

So does CastCor actually work? Like all automated tools, it will enhance the quality of your pictures most of the times. But sometimes it may crack your pictures instead of enhancing them. So a human hand and eye is required even with these automated tools.

For details about supported image types, visit this link. To read more about the technical backend of what’s happening behind the scenes during the color enhancement process, visit this link.

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