Enable Tabs Instead Of Windows For Microsoft Office Documents

If you are using Windows 7 and Microsoft Office, you would have noted that Microsoft Office products make use of JumpLists feature in Windows 7 in order to minimize the clutter and workspace. But if you have multiple Microsoft Word or Excel documents open, it’s difficult to switch between the documents with a shortcut. It’s also very difficult to cycle through the JumpList in order to find your desired document.

Many applications nowadays make use of tabbed interface which makes it very easy to organize and access required stuff. For example, Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer makes use of tabs as well as JumpLists in order to open new browser windows. Unfortunately, Microsoft Office products have yet to offer this feature.

But fortunately there are some add-ins which can integrate this feature in Microsoft Office. I will discuss about an add-in that I have used for enabling tabs in Office products.

The add-in is Office Tab from ExtendOffice. It offers a Google Chrome like tabs in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It also have additional features like Save All in one click, renaming the files easily, displays the full file name, useful context menu etc. You only need to download and install Office Tab. After installation it will automatically be integrated with the three Office products Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

office tab document

You can also configure advanced options of Office Tab. You can also enable or disable Office Tab for separate Office products. Office Tab also offers quite a useful list of keyboard shortcuts that can also be customized in the options.

Office tab center

Download Office Tab from ExtendOffice.