How To Make Microsoft Word 2013 Touch Friendly

Microsoft Office 2013 has been designed while keeping tablets in mind. It is touch friendly like Windows 8. In fact, Microsoft Word 2013 includes an option by which we can turn the user interface into touch friendly mode. By default, Word 2013 is optimized for using it with a mouse.

Here is a quick tip by which you can enable or disable touch mode in Word 2013. Enabling touch mode will add more space between buttons and other interface elements. This makes it easier for a user to tap an option. Let’s go through the process step by step:

  1. Open Word 2013
  2. Click on the down arrow of Quick Access Toolbar on the top of Word 2013 window
  3. Select “Touch/Mouse” mode
    Touch mouse mode
  4. A new menu button will appear on the quick access toolbar
  5. Click on the new menu and select “Touch”
    Touch Mouse menu quick access

This will create more space between commands and buttons in the ribbon bar making it easier to tap and execute a command.

To disable the touch mode, you can go to the same menu and select Mouse. This will revert to standard ribbon and commands optimized for use with mouse.

Have you ever use Microsoft Office 2013 on a tablet or any other touch device? Have you experimented with this new feature? What are your experiences with the touch friendly features of Office 2013?