Edit PDF Files Online And Offline [Complete Guide]

Portable Document Format (PDF) a document format by Adobe. There are many ways to edit PDF files both online and offline. Although the original tool from Adobe, Adobe Acrobat Professional, is quite expensive, we will discuss about some free PDF file editors which can be used in different situations.

You may want to go through the following articles before actually proceeding with the PDF editors:

Download Adobe Reader XI which is the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Use Nitro PDF Reader with enhanced functionality of Adobe Reader.

You can password protect PDF files as well as convert them into images.

PDFescape – Edit PDF Files Online

PDFescape is a great online service to edit PDF files online without any registration. You can start with a new document, edit an existing document by uploading it to the service or even directly give the URL of the PDF document on the Internet. You won’t find the interface very friendly.

The ‘Insert’ tab will be selected by default. Click on the Text and drag the text box anywhere on the page. Type your text and then customize it by selecting the appropriate font size and style. You can also insert any link, image or even draw any thing using the ‘Freehand’ tool.

PDFescape edit PDF files online

You can also highlight your material. Click ‘Annotate’, select Highlight and then hover the cursor over the text to be highlighted. You can also add a sticky note, provided next to ‘Highlight’. When you are done with your document, you may like to save, print or even share it. In the left hand panel, you will find the save, download and print document options. You may also share your documents online, but you need to register for this option.

The tool works really fine however there are some limitations such as you can upload a file of maximum 10 MB and 100 pages. Similarly, you can create a document containing 25 pages only.


Infix PDF Editor: Edit PDFs like a Word Processor

Infix PDF Editor is another tool that offers three different editing modes; professional, standard and the form filling mode. Whenever you will open the Infix PDF Editor, it will ask your preferred working mode. If you want to edit PDF forms, select ‘Form Filling’ mode. I have selected the Professional mode so as to demonstrate the maximum options. Since, we have seen how to create a new PDF document so let’s move on to editing an existing document now.

Go to File -> Open -> Browse and select your required document. If we want to edit the heading of this document, click on the heading and a box will appear surrounding the text. Type in the new heading. You can then apply different formatting on it.

Infix PDF Editor
Go to File menu –> Text –> Font, Size, Style, align and few other options are available.
But PDF editing is more complicated than simple text editing. You may need to extract or delete a single page or a range of pages from the document. You can also re-arrange your documents by swapping different pages.
File Menu –> Document –> Pages –> Extract and specify the page numbers.
File Menu –> Document –> Pages –> Re-order and specify the details.

Re-order pages

To create a watermark, do the following:

File Menu –> Document –> Watermark –> Add and a dialog box will appear.

Add watermark
Add the desired watermark. Similarly, you can find the ‘Security’ option below it to add some restrictions to your document. It also provides OCR correction option in the same Document Menu.

The problem with Infix PDF editor is that it inserts a watermark inside PDF documents created with it. The watermark can only be removed if you are using a paid version of the program.

Infix PDF Editor

‘Smart PDF Creator Pro’ and ‘Apex All in One PDF Tool’ are also full-fledged and paid PDF editing software designed for professionals. They provide the maximum options such as editing text, split/merge PDF, extract/delete pages, insert watermarks create bookmarks or add security to your document.

Microsoft Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013 comes with this privileged feature of being able to edit PDF documents. You can open nay PDF document in Word 2013 and also save the document with all the editing. You can also create a new document in Word 2013 and save it as PDF after editing.

Word 2013 save as PDF

The beauty of editing a PDF document in Microsoft Word 2013 is that it also retains most of the formatting like tables etc. while editing the documents inside Word. You can always download Microsoft Office 2013 final version and use Word 2013 as a PDF editor for free.

What is your favorite PDF editing tool?