Easily Tweak User Account Settings In Windows 7 With Accounts Tuner

Windows uses a separate control panel item for managing user accounts for users of the computer. Although the control panel provides easy to use user interface and options for performing different operations on the user accounts, it does not provide all the settings in one place.

Accounts Tuner is a software which can be very handy if you want to tweak different user settings in one place. Selecting a user in Accounts Tuner will give you different details about the user including last logon date, password age, logon count and bad password count.

You can change different settings of a user account. The settings include the following:

  • Account Disabled
  • Account Locked
  • Password Expired
  • Password Required
  • Password Never Expires
  • User Can Change Password

accounts tuner

You can also connect to a server if you’re in a Windows domain and set these parameters on the server which will apply the policy to all the computers in the domain. The settings that you can tweak in the server configuration include the following:

  • Maximum password age
  • Minimum password age
  • Minimum password length
  • Bad password before lockout
  • Lockout duration
  • Bad password timeout
  • Password history length

The only drawback that I felt in Accounts Tuner is that it is not portable. It has to be installed on the local computer. If it were portable, it would have been a utility work keeping in the Network Administrator’s USB first aid kit.

Download Accounts Tuner