DropboxPortableAHK – Portable Dropbox

Dropbox is most probably the most used online storage system. It is popular among people because it’s very easy to use and secure. The security issue was raised some time back when Dropbox system was open to people without using the correct username and password. This was, according to the Dropbox management, due to a recent programming flaw. The flaw has been fixed but people still feel the heat of being insecure.

iPhone Dropbox © by yto

Anyways, in my opinion its still secure to backup and keep your important documents online because a local system has more chances of a crash and disaster than an online cloud. Dropbox is still my favorite tool for storing my important documents and files online although I also use Windows Live Skydrive in parallel.

If you are using Dropbox in multiple places like at home and in office, you’ll wish that you have a portable version of Dropbox which you can take in your USB flash drive. Or if, in your office, there is a restriction that you can’t install anything on your computer, then also there’s a need for a portable version of Dropbox. While Dropbox doesn’t give any portable edition of the tool officially, DropboxPortableAHK is a tool that will make your Dropbox portable.

Using DropboxPortableAHK is very simple. Download the utility from the location given below and follow the instructions:

  • Download DropboxPortableAHK
  • Extract the zip file to a location of your choice
  • Start DropboxPortableAHK.exe. It will download rest of the needed files after you start it.
    DropboxPortableAHK downloading files
  • After the download is complete, it will show the configuration window which is very easy to configure. You can also leave the defaults.
    DropboxPortableAHK configuration
  • After you click OK, you’ll the the same Dropbox window as original one. You can easily configure it.

Now that the configuration is complete, you can take the folder where ever you want to. All the configuration and content of Dropbox will be saved in the same folder where you put DropboxPortableAHK.