Download Windows Home Server 2011 Release Candidate (RC)

Windows Home Server 2011 (WHS), formarly known as “Vail” is a server for home users and small business to help organize, share and automatically backup photos, videos, music and other important documents in one place.

windows home server 2011

The Release Candidate of Windows Home Server 2011 is now available for download. This version of WHS does not include drive extender which could join many hard drives to form a large pool of storage. Now there is a limit of 2TB of partition storage in the server. But now you can easily move any folder to another location using shadow copy, copying everything regardless of whether it’s being used at the time of copy or not.

If you want to download and install Windows Home Server 2011, you can sign in with your Windows Live ID and download Windows Home Server 2011 RC. Please note that it will be a 30 day trial of WHS so you’ll need to purchase it if you want to use if after 30 days of trial.